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The Ultimate in Business Connectivity

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In today’s world, few businesses can operate without high-performing internet connectivity. And for many, their internet going down isn’t just an inconvenience - it’s a catastrophe. 


At Contingency, we understand the impact a network outage can have on productivity, reputation, and the bottom line - it’s why we specialise in providing industry-leading solutions that ensure our customers stay connected. Always.

Our Solutions

Whether looking for a primary internet supply, a failsafe back-up, or both, we’ll tailor a solution to the individual needs of your business, delivering unbeatable connectivity and complete peace of mind.

Microwave Leased Lines

With speeds ranging from 10Mbps through to 20Gbps, our high-performing, ultra-reliable microwave leased lines are a fast and cost-effective way to provide high-powered connectivity for your business. 

4G / 5G

4G / 5G isn’t just for smart phones - it’s also a highly versatile connectivity option. Perfect for remote locations, or when connectivity is needed fast, 4G / 5G can also be bonded together to increase resiliency and turbo-charge performance, delivering speeds of up to 1Gbps.  

Fibre Leased Lines

With uncontended, guaranteed download AND upload speeds of up to 100Gbps, our fibre leased lines offer unbeatable performance. 

Resiliency Solutions

Truly resilient connectivity means you have at least two connections to the internet that do not share any common infrastructure. If your primary internet service goes down, our routers will seamlessly switch to a working connection giving you complete peace of mind and 100% uptime guaranteed.

Jargon-free Zone

At Contingency, we don't think you should need to speak fluent ‘Techy’ to understand what we do and why our services could be so fundamental to your business. That’s why we’ll never use jargon to explain jargon. But if you do want to talk Techy to us, our Tech Team love nothing more.

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