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4G / 5G

4G / 5G isn’t just for smart phones - it’s also a highly versatile connectivity option. Perfect for remote locations, or when connectivity is needed fast, 4G / 5G can also be bonded together to increase resiliency and turbo-charge performance, delivering speeds of up to 1Gbps.  


Whether used for primary connectivity, as a stop-gap, or as a cost-effective failover solution to add resiliency to our customer’s networks, Contingency is changing the way businesses think about 4G / 5G. Offering a static fixed public IP address, and everything from a simple single carrier option to highly customised solutions featuring seamless roaming between carriers, Contingency’s high-performing 4G / 5G solutions are a real contender.

Powerful 5G

4G / 5G for resilience: why Contingency is different

Although it’s a cost-effective way to provide back-up connectivity in the event of an internet outage, what many people don’t realise is that the fibre that supplies their building might also supply the 4G / 5G tower that’s supplying their back-up connectivity, so in the event of an outage, both supplies go down.  We pride ourselves on avoiding any single point of failure, so when installed as a back-up solution, we’ll make sure that your 4G / 5G mast is served by a completely separate carrier giving you complete peace of mind and 100% uptime guaranteed.

Book a survey

Want to know which operator will give you the best performance or how 4G / 5G might perform for you? Why not book a survey? Our specially adapted vehicles can travel to your location(s) and assess the bandwidth available from each of the major networks. We can also assess the signal inside your building, identify any potential blind spots, and suggest ways to boost signal in hard to reach areas – something that’s increasingly important for keeping your workforce safe and connected even in the most remote parts of your building.  

How 4G / 5G from Contingency compares

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