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Fibre Leased Lines

For those with more demanding bandwidth requirements, fibre is hard to beat. Our fibre leased lines are carrier grade, meaning they perform at a much higher level than traditional broadband services. Offering a static fixed public IP address, and with guaranteed download AND upload speeds of up to 100Gbps, our fibre connections offer unbeatable performance. Fibre solutions from Contingency are also carrier-neutral meaning that we can supply the most appropriate and cost-effective service for your business.

As we enjoy excellent working relationships with the main fibre carriers, we are typically able to check availability and provide pricing even quicker than going direct. We’ll always be upfront about how long it’s likely to take, and you’ll never need to deal with faceless call-centres. What’s more, our buying power means that we are rarely beaten on price. 

Fibre optic cable

Resilient fibre: why Contingency is different

Is your fibre supply resilient? There are dozens of fibre internet providers all promising high speeds at low prices, but what many businesses don’t realise is that these providers all rely on the same underlying infrastructure, so in the event that a careless construction worker severs a cable for example, it’s not just one provider that’s affected, every service relying on that core infrastructure goes down.

Where a secondary internet supply is required, we can provide one that does not share any infrastructure with your existing line. Often, Excess Construction Charges can make a second, resilient fibre line cost-prohibitive which is why our microwave solutions are so popular. Whichever resiliency solution you choose, in the event of a disruption, our routers will seamlessly switch over to a working connection giving you complete peace of mind and 100% uptime guaranteed.

How fibre from Contingency compares

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