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Microwave Leased Lines

Contingency owns and operates an ever-expanding network of Point of Presence (PoP) Sites across the UK allowing us to deliver high performing, ultra-reliable microwave connectivity to even the most data-hungry businesses. Offering a static fixed public IP address, microwave is particularly suited to locations that either cannot be served by fibre, or where installing a fibre connection is cost, or time, prohibitive. Microwave is also an excellent option for connecting nearby buildings, and can be combined with fibre for a truly resilient solution.

Whatever your connectivity challenge, microwave leased lines from Contingency are a fast, reliable and cost-effective way to provide high-powered connectivity for your business.

How installation works

Our microwave solutions are quick and easy to install and, where infrastructure already exists, can be up and running in a matter of days.

Step 1   Our engineers check there’s a clear line of site between one of our PoP sites and your building.

Step 2   A receiver is installed on your building, connected to a router and the connection tested.

Step 3   The router is connected to your network and you’re ready to go!

Microwave for resilience: why Contingency is different

Where a fibre connection already exists, microwave can be an excellent way of ensuring your business remains connected should your fibre connection fail. There have been countless examples of fibre lines being severed by careless construction workers leading to devastating consequences for the businesses relying on them, particularly as repair times can sometimes run to weeks! In the event of an internet outage, where a Contingency microwave solution is installed as a back-up, our routers will seamlessly switch over to a working connection, and chances are, you’ll never even know there’s a problem.

Unlike many providers, we pride ourselves on avoiding any single point of failure. When installed as a back-up to fibre, we’ll make sure that your microwave installation is served by a completely separate carrier giving you complete peace of mind and 100% uptime guaranteed.

How microwave from Contingency compares

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