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Partnering with Contingency enables companies to expand their client offering to include industry-leading connectivity without the need for any additional in-house resource. We can train your teams to successfully sell our solutions, and our professional and highly experienced team are always on hand to support with the more technical aspects, and to manage the process from end to end. We can have as much or as little contact with your customers as you’d like, and thanks to our outstanding reputation, you can be confident that your important client relationships are in the safest of hands.

Why Contingency is the connectivity partner of choice

Unrivalled customer service – whether dealing with you, or direct with your customer, we pride ourselves on our responsiveness and delivering outstanding levels of customer service.


Satisfied customers – with comprehensive surveying, carefully considered system designs, high quality equipment, and unbeatable performance, Contingency provides solutions that delight even the most demanding of clients.


Rapid installation – our in-house engineers can have some solutions up and running (and billable!) in a matter of days.


True resilience – when only 100% uptime will do, your customers can rely on Contingency. Our solutions always address any single points of failure, and should the primary connection go down, our routers will automatically switch over to a working connection with no disruption or packet loss.

24/7/365 support – we employ sophisticated monitoring technology that constantly assesses all our connections, allowing us to spot and remedy potential issues before service is impacted. In the unlikely event there’s a problem, our Service Level Agreements guarantee we’ll be on the case in 4 hours or less.


Solutions oriented – partners love to work with us because, whatever the problem, we can find a solution. We’ll take the time to understand your client’s unique needs, often highlighting issues they may never even have considered, and tailor a solution to their precise requirements.


Competitively priced – our services are very competitively priced enabling you to add healthy margins and still submit a winning bid.

To learn more about becoming a partner and how your business could benefit

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