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What are resilient connections and why do I need one?​

Truly resilient connectivity means you have at least two connections to the internet that do not share any common infrastructure. In the event that one connection fails, Contingency's resiliency solutions will seamlessly transition to a working connection without you even noticing there’s a problem. 

In today’s world, few businesses can operate without internet connectivity. For many, their internet going down isn’t just an inconvenience - it’s a catastrophe. Tales of fibre cables being damaged are all too common (think severe flooding or careless construction workers) and repairing them can be more complicated than you might think, sometimes running to days or even weeks. If having internet is business critical, having a back-up internet supply is an absolute must.

While we can, and frequently do, supply single solutions, as the name suggests, offering truly resilient connectivity is our forte. If being without internet connectivity is simply out of the question, you can rely on Contingency to deliver a truly resilient service giving you complete peace of mind and 100% uptime guaranteed.

High speed internet for business
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